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energyconscious's Journal

Energy Conscious
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September 3, 2002:
Thank you for visiting! We hope you find your stay worthwhile. This community has been created to share ideas about being energy conscious in everyday life. Specifically, it was conceived as a forum for people to share philosophies and tips about how to decrease their personal energy consumption on a day-to-day basis.

If you're looking for some nuts-and-bolts suggestions about how to be more energy conscious in your daily activities, this is the place to be. Whenever you discover a hint or a technique to decrease your energy consumption in some way, this is the place to tell us about it. The underlying philosophy here is for people to obtain and distribute new ideas for how to use energy in all its forms most effectively.

Posting tips:
Please use a descriptive subject line to present your tip or technique -- we'll be categorizing the suggestions as we go in the energyconscious memories, and your entries will be easier to identify if they contain a descriptive yet concise subject line. Also please feel free to contribute links to other energy-related sites or communities within LJ.

Happy energy saving!